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North Africa 1943 Gallantry Medal Group


n.b. This super photo shows his MM ribbon already sewn on.

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1st Battle of Sedjenane Military Medal Group

Lawrence Buck MM 5th December 1922 – 7th January 2011

1st Battle of Sedjenane, Tunisia Theatre of War February 1943, Military Medal Group.

This very fine group of 7 medals, swing mounted as worn, consists of Military Medal, 1939/45 Star, Africa Star with 1st Army Clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Territorial Efficiency Medal.

Citation for Military Medal

46th Division 5th Corps – 46th Divisional Signals. Rank and Number – 2579874 Sigmn – Lawrence Buck

From 23rd Feb 43 to 28th Feb 43 Sigmn BUCK was responsible for the maintenance of line communications in the area between EL ALOUANA and the enemy positions to the EAST. Being the only lineman in this area with a thorough knowledge of the lines, Sigmn BUCK was out almost continuously for six days repairing faults under very heavy shell and mortar fire. He completed every assignment with commendable tenacity, never once failing to restore service on any broken line. It is only through his keen sense of duty and utter disregards for his own personal safety that it was possible to maintain line communications during this period. Sigmn BUCK was wounded on 28th February 1943 whilst in the act of repairing a line under direct enemy observation.

Medals – Military Medal ( 2579874 SGLN. L. BUCK. R. SIGNALS. ), 1939/45 Star, Africa tar with 1st Army clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Territorial Efficiency ( 2579874 SGMN. L. BUCK. R. SIGNALS. ) swing mounted on bar, as worn.

Ephemera as follows:

Original handwritten letter and typed transcription of a letter sent to BUCK by Bernard Nicholls, Signal Section, HQ 139 INF BDE.  B.N.A.F. May 23rd 1943. It was addressed to BUCK at No. 4 Coy. No 9 Convalescent Depot, B.N.A.F. Images of this letter can be seen on this page.

Images and photographs.

  • Original photograph of him seated on a step. His MM ribbon can be clearly seen. The reverse has his name hand-written with the place and date ROME DEC 25 / 44.
  • A small portrait on a thin card with the caption Good Luck Some Where in the Middle East. This has a small portrait and his MM ribbon can be clearly seen. This paper is torn.
  • Copy of a photo of him on his 17th Birthday in Leeds 1939 in Uniform.
  • Undated copy of an image of him on a Motorcycle.
  • Undated portrait of him.

His Record of Service Card. Dated 13th June 1946 it confirms his service 18th April 1939 to 7th Sept 1945. Dated 2nd May 1945 a copy of the congratulatory note to all servicemen in the Mediterranean Theatre from Field Marshall Alexander. Original Release document instructing him to the Assembly Centre at Villach for evacuation to UK. His Pay Book. His Military Driving Licence. His Memorial Thanksgiving and Remembrance Service Order of Service has a very fine photograph of Lawrie Buck MM wearing this group of medals. Finally, a page of THE OAK, published Sunday October 22nd 1944. Issue number 329. Circulation 3000.

This lot also come with a copy of the privately produced book THE STORY OF THE 46 DIVISION 1939 – 1945 .

Chapter 1 of this fine book covers The Tunisian Campaign. The 1st Battle of SEDJENANE is covered on pages 24 to 27. There is also a map on which Lawrence Buck has indicated where he was wounded – near Jefna Station between the 3 renowned hills named Green Hill, Baldy Hill and Sugarloaf.