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16th Lancers Maharajpoor, Gwalior Star


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Gwalior Star with Maharajpoor Centre correctly named to Private Richard Tomkinson H.M. 16th Lancers.

Richard Tomkinson 16th Lancers, Service number 665.
Born 27th April 1812 in Middlesex. His father, Richard Tomkinson, died when he was 13 years old.
His service in the 16th Lancers is chronologically charted through his family records.
Sergeant 16th Lancers, January 19th 1836, at Cawnpore, when he married 14year old Susannah Woods.
Armourer Sergeant, 16th Lancers, 20th February 1837, death of their son Richard.
Sergeant, 16th Lancers, June 1838, at Meerut, birth of daughter Charlotte Isabella.
Sergeant, 16th Lancers, April 1841, at Meerut, birth of daughter Lucy.
Corporal, 16th Lancers, April 1844, at Meerut, birth of son Henry William.
Corporal, 16th Lancers, December 1845, at Meerut, birth of daughter Isabella.
He is recorded as Died on the troopship Seringapatam on one document and at Meerut, 20th May 1857, shortly after the outbreak of The Indian Mutiny, on another document.