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War Correspondent Archibald Forbes Vanity Fair Print


criticisms of Lord Chelmsford


War Correspondent Archibald Forbes Vanity Fair Print

Original Vanity Fair Print Lithograph with the caption at the bottom of the print: Thorough – Journalist, War Correspondent, ” In 1880, he was with Lord Chelmsford as a British force was preparing for the Zulu war. On 5 July, after the victory of Ulundi, he rode 110 miles to Landman’s Drift in twenty hours. Two days after his arrival there he appeared in a state of utter exhaustion before Pietermaritzburg, having ridden by way of Ladysmith and Estcourt, an additional 170 miles, in thirty-five hours. The news of Ulundi first reached England through his agency, he having completely outpaced the official despatch rider. He put in a claim for the Avar medal on the strength of this piece of service, but the request was refused with scant courtesy by the war office. Some of his criticisms of Lord Chelmsford were held in certain quarters to have been unnecessarily offensive. Forbes had seen war practically illustrated in all quarters of the globe, and he had outgrown any semblance of diffidence in passing judgment upon difficult military operations.”

Published: 05-Jan-1878 Signed by: APE, Carlo Pellegrini . Dimensions approximately 26cm x 38cm.

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