Unusual Durham Light Infantry Silver War Badge


Injured for life in 1886 as a MINOR MINER


Unusual Durham Light Infantry Silver War Badge 

S.W.B. Number 234208.

This very unusual badge has a fascinating history –  Fleming Passmoor was a Miner from Durham who enlisted into the Durham Light Infantry. This is his only Great War entitlement due to the following back story. He had enlisted 13th September 1915 and was Honourably Discharged, no longer fit for war service 24th March 1916.

Born 1877 and from Fencehouses, County Durham. He joined as number 20/280, 3rd Battalion, D.L.I. aged 38 years.

His Medical Report on an Invalid Statement records that: At New Lampton Colliery, County Durham in 1886:

that 30 years ago he had an accident to the foot in the colliery due to a fall of stone from the roof. His ankle was broken and since that date he has always had the foot turned in a little and has walked with a limp.

It is particular note that he must have been circa 10 years old when he was injured in the mine. 

As can be seen from the images he has scratched his name into the reverse of the badge.