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Unusual 2 clasp QSA to 20th Hussars


Died at Rawalpindi, India September 1909

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Anglo-Boer War Queen’s South Africa medal to H. Rowley, 20th Hussars.

There were 32 medals issued with this clasp combination out of circa 670 on the medal roll for the 20th Hussars.

Rowley then transferred to the 10th Hussras (numbered 5502) as confirmed on the medal roll. This roll also shows that the medal was issued to his mother in 1913. The reason being that he (5502 Private Harry Rowley) died on active service, serving in the 10th Hussars, on the 19th September 1909 at Rawalpindi, India.

Medal – Queen’s South Africa Medal with South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 clasps named to 3629 PTE. H. ROWLEY. 20TH HUSSARS