Soltau, Germany, 1945 Military Medal Group



Malaya Independence Day 1957

Malaya Independence Day 1957

Malaya Independence Day 1957

Malaya Independence Day 1957

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Soltau, Germany, 1945 Military Medal Group. Superb WW2 1945 Immediate Award Military Medal Soltau, North Germany April 1945.

Immediate award to a 21 year old, who a couple of years previously had left school to become an Air Raid Warden’s Messenger Boy. He went on to have a career in the Royal Military Police.

Citation for the medal reads as follows: 52 Division. 30 Corps. 80th Field Regiment RA.

On 19/20 Apr Gnr Campey was the wireless operator of a FOO’s party (the handwritten account writes Forward Observation Officer’s) in sp of 6 HLI in an attack on the weeds north of Soltau. During the first day and on the following morning, the Coy was subjected to fire from enemy snipers and heavy bombardment by mortars and guns, which caused considerable casualties, including the driver of Gnr Campey’s armed OP. Gnr Campey manned his wireless set almost continuously during this time, including all through the night, to ensure that comms were maintained with his Regt. He assisted in dressing the wounds of the driver and getting him to some shelter, and on the move forward with another Coy, took his place as driver, manning the set whenever halted. Shortly after this whilst moving to occupy an OP, the carrier was bogged and, without hesitation, Gnr CAMPEY doubled back alone to the previous position, regardless of intense Spandau fire, which was pinning the infantry down, and brought forward another carrier. Throughout the whole operation Gnr CAMPEY showed a complete disregard of danger, and by his initiative and outstanding devotion to duty enabled arty sp (artillery support) to be given to the infantry on all occasions.

The citation is signed off by Montgomery, on the reverse.

The medal group, on a bar as obviously worn, consists of 1) Military Medal (GVI) named to 14331714 GNR. J. E. CAMPEY. R. A. (with correction to initials), 2) 1939/45 Star, 3) France & Germany Star, 4) Defence Medal, 5) War Medal, 6) General Service Medal (Malaya clasp) named to 14331714 SGT. J. E. CAMPEY. M.M.    R. M. P.

There is also his loose U.N. Korea Medal, he did not qualify for the British Medal. There is also a miniature set of the medal group.

His father’s Great War Cavalry Trio, details below.

List of ephemera and other items accompanying this medal group.

  1. Battery Commanders daily orders dated 15th July 1945. These specifically note congratulations being extended to Gnr Camper on his award. This original document is extremely delicate and in poor condition but it forms an important part of this lot.
  2. Original draft citation, with corrections ( this document is on flimsy paper and is delicate).
  3. Two photographs – i) Of Sgt Campey, in Malaya, in uniform standing outside the Ipoh Detachment, 28 COMWEL INDEP INF CP PROVOST UNIT. And photo ii) of Sgt Campey, in white dress uniform, wearing this medal group. He is standing with the rolled up Royal Standard under his arm. The caption on the reverse is written –
  4. His Regular Army Service Book Certificate of Service. Serial Number RMP/7873. It confirms his enlistment at Brunswick, 17th May 1947 with the same number into the RMP. He had attained the rank of Sergeant, Royal Military Police, by the time of his discharge 1st September 1960. Apart form several period in Germany and serving at home he served in FARELF AND JAPAN for days prior to 300 days in KOREA (02/11/1955 to 18/12/1955) and then 2 years 267 Days in MALAYA (19/12/1955 to 11/09/1958).
  5. Army Form B108J – his Discharge Certificate, dated 16th August 1947. This has a testimonial on the reverse. On this issue date it confirms that he had served 4 years 193 days. He had served in WW2, N. W. Europe 16th October 194 to 16 May 1947. It also confirms that he re-enlisted into the Royal Military Police.
  6. His Buckingham Palace compliment slip.
  7. A Memorandum dated 1st October 1945, subject – Honour and Awards. This is to the OC 80 Field Regiment R.A. from GHQ 2nd Echelon BAOR. This confirms the award of the MM and the publication in the London Gazette No 37235 23rd August 1945 and also published in RA Records Part II Orders No 108, dated 18th September 45.
  8. His Internationaler Fuhrerschein, issued to him at Soltau 16th Juni 1960.
  9. A letter addressed to Sgt Campey from General Sir Hugh C Stockwell at The War Office, dated 1st September 1959. This is a letter of thanks to Sgt Campey, 101 Pro Coy, BFPO 34.
  10. A Second Army Thanksgiving Service on conclusion of The Campaign in North West Europe.
  11. A memorandum dated 28th February 1950 – this refers to his Royal Military Police appointment with 7th Armed Division Provost Company BAOR.
  12. Three newspaper cuttings – 2 which cover his obituary which confirm that James Edward Campey was the son of Beverley Policeman, Harold Campey. He died at home, aged 57 years at 2 Well Lane, Beverley, Yorkshire. It states that he had left school and joined the Air Raid Warden’s Service as a messenger boy. These obits erroneously state that he was awarded his MM in Italy.
  13. A boxed XXX Corps Alamein Cuxhaven Medallion (Bruxelles manufactured).
  14. A German Road Map
  15. A small selection of tourist cloth badges from Germany and his RMP cloth blazer badge. A pair of chevrons and a Club badge. Lastly a Gurkha Military Police Cap Badge.

This excellent group is accompanied by his father’s Great War Medal Trio. The 1914 / 15 Star trio is named to D/1101 Private James Harold Campey, 6th Dragoon Guards. Harold, as he was known, was serving in the 7th Dragoon Guards, stationed in India, on the 1911 Census. Later to become a Policeman in Beverley, Yorkshire. There is also an Inniskilling’s cap badge with the lot.

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