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Sir Charles Russell VC Original Vanity Fair Print


Victoria Cross winner

5 November 1854

5 November 1854


Sir Charles Russell VC Original Vanity Fair Print

Original Vanity Fair Print Lithograph of Victoria Cross winner with the caption at the bottom of the print: Westminster

On 5 November 1854, during the Battle of Inkerman, Crimean War, Brevet Major Russell offered to dislodge a party of Russians from the Sandbag Battery if anyone would follow him. A sergeant and privates, Anthony Palmer and another who was subsequently killed – were the first to volunteer. The party met much resistance and several times seemed to be on the point of annihilation but their skill, especially with the bayonet, finally brought success. Major Russell himself fought with great valour and in single combat wrenched the rifle out of the grasp of a powerful Russian. His citation read:

Offered to dislodge a party of Russians from the Sand-bag Battery, if any one would follow him; Serjeant Norman, Privates Anthony Palmer, and Bailey (who was killed) volunteered the first. The attack succeeded.

His Victoria Cross is displayed at The Guards Regimental Headquarters (Grenadier Guards RHQ), Wellington Barracks, London, England. He later achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Published: 02-Feb-1878 Signed by: APE, Carlo Pellegrini . Dimensions approximately 26cm x 38cm.

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