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Prince Teck Original Vanity Fair Print


Prince Francis of Teck

Prince Francis of Teck


Prince Teck Original Vanity Fair Print 1870K

Known as Count Francis von Hohenstein until 1863, was a member of the German nobility, and later of the British Royal Family by marriage. He was the father of Queen Mary, the wife of King George V, and therefore a great-grandfather of the present queen. Francis held the titles of Count of Hohenstein (Graf von Hohenstein), Prince (Fürst) and later Duke of Teck (Herzog von Teck), and was granted the style of Serene Highness in 1863. He was granted the British style of Highness in 1887.

Original Lithograph with the caption at the bottom of the print: The most popular of princes he has married the most popular of princesses.

Published: 14-May-1870 Signed by: ATN, Alfred Thompson . Dimensions approximately 23cm x 35cm.

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