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Pahlavi Coronation Medal 1967


Persia Pahlavi King’s Coronation 1967 medal

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Medal ‘In commemoration of Pahlavi Coronation’ in Farsi in Persian script, dated 26 October 1346 (AD 1967) below; on original ribbon with bronze Imperial crown device.

The medal was issued in 1967 to commemorate the coronation of the Shah and Shahbanou of Iran. Although Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had ascended the throne on 26 September1941 following the forced abdication of his father, Rezā Shāh by invading Anglo-Soviet forces, it was not until 1967 that he was formally crowned. His reign ended on 11 February 1979 following the Iranian Revolution and he died at Cairo on 27 July 1980 at the age of sixty.

Unnamed, as issued.