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New Zealand and Baltic Medal pair


70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot

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An unusual Baltic Medal and New Zealand Medal pair on original ribbon with ornate suspender brooches. 

This new to market pair of medals came barely attached to tatty original medal ribbon. Baltic Medal is unnamed as issued. The ornate brooch is complete though the tatty piece of ribbon has now separated from the suspender.

New Zealand Medal, undated reverse, is named to 275. PTE. J. WREN. 70th – FOOT. The matching ornate brooch has been broken as can be seen in the images.

James (Jas) Wren is confirmed on the medal roll for the New Zealand Medal of the 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot. He is confirmed in the 1861 Census as en route to New Zealand with the Regiment. It is believed that he transferred from the Royal Navy having already been awarded the Baltic Medal. Whilst unable to confirm the Baltic medal at this stage the pair is kept together as it is highly probable, with the patina, ribbon condition and matching brooch suspenders, that these medal belong to each each other.

The 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot moved to New Zealand in 1861 for service in the New Zealand Wars and took part in a skirmish at Rangiaohia in February 1864 during the Invasion of the Waikato.