Kurrum Militia 3 clasp India Medal 1895


The Kurram Militia first saw action during the Tirah Campaign in late 1897. On 1 September Orakzai tribesmen attacked a militia post at Balish Khel near Sadda. The garrison held off the attackers for 24 hours, though twenty Kurram Militia men were killed, until the arrival of the flying column. Sadda itself, was attacked on 16 September by about 2,000 Orakzai, but they were repulsed by a combined Army and Militia force.

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India Medal 1895 with Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Samana 1897 and Tirah 1897-98 clasps to Havildar Saiyid Husain of the Kurrum Militia

Silver medal, correctly named in running script to 1301 Havdr Saiyid Husain Kurrum Militia.