India Medal 1895 to Civilian Superintendent


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India Medal 1895 with Punjab Frontier 1897-98 clasp to Superintendent Mr. F. O’Byrne. Postal Department.

Francis O’Byrne’s career progresses from Assistant Comptroller, Post and Telegraph (Punjab 1900), Deputy Comptroller (Madras 1910) to Deputy Accountant (Delhi 1915)

“This medal was awarded, it is surmised, for having got the mail through during difficult times, for they coincide with frontier uprisings during the late 19th
century. No wonder Rudyard Kipling eulogised the Indian Postal Service and its dak runners, carrying their vital letters through near impossible conditions, on foot.”

Medal named in Indian running script – Supdt. Mr. F. O’Byrne. Postal. Dept.