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Henry Du Pre Labouchere Vanity Fair Print . Original Lithograph with the caption at the bottom of the print: Modest Assurance, Published: 07-Nov-1874 Signed by: APE, Carlo Pellegrini . Dimensions approximately 26cm x 38cm. Free postage to mainland UK. Overseas buyers please contact us to agree shipping.

A highly controversial figure, here follows a short example f his beliefs. In 1884, Labouchère unsuccessfully proposed legislation to extend the existing laws against cruelty to animals. In 1885, Labouchère, whose libertarian stances did not preclude a fierce homophobia, drafted the Labouchère Amendment as a last-minute addition to a Parliamentary Bill that had nothing to do with homosexuality. His amendment outlawed “gross indecency”; sodomy was already a crime, but Labouchère’s Amendment now criminalised any sexual activity between men. Ten years later the Labouchère Amendment allowed for the prosecution of Oscar Wilde, who was given the maximum sentence of two years’ imprisonment with hard labour. Labouchère expressed regret that Wilde’s sentence was so short, and would have preferred the seven-year term he had originally proposed in the Amendment. He was also an anti-semite with strong views.

Note that these lithograph prints are all in excess of 100 years old. There may be minor imperfections commensurate with age. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about shipping or condition.