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Hampshire, Sussex Father Son medal group


South Coast Father, Son medals with Royal Navy span of service from 1887 to 1947. 

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Family Royal Navy Medal Groups Victorian, WW1 & WW2 Service

Victorian Royal Navy Long Service Medal with WW1

Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (QV) named to: A. TREAGUST,. LG. STO. 1 CL. H. M. S. ROYAL ARTHUR with Victory Medal named to:  143031 W A TREAGUST.  CH. STO. R.N.

William Alfred Treagust was born at Westbourne, Emsworth, West Sussex 2nd January 1869. 1911 Census he is living in Portsmouth and is a Naval Pensioner and is a boilermaker at Portsmouth Dockyard. His son, William James Treagust, is a 17 year old Silversmith’s Porter living at his father’s house in Manchester Road, Portsmouth. Also at this address is Jesse Treagust, 13 year old son of William Alfred.

He joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker 2nd class on 29th November 1887.

He died 6th May 1946 at St Richards Hospital, Chichester, West Sussex. He had been living at Gordon Terrace, Southbourne, near Emsworth.


Great War Service Medal Group with WW2 Service

1914/15 Star named to M. 3436 W. J. TREAGUST. CK. MTE.  R. N. , BWM and Victory Medal named to: M. 3436 W. J. TREAGUST. L. CK. MTE.  R. N. and Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (GVR) named to: M. 3436 W. J. TREAGUST. L. CK. R. N.  H.M.S. WEYMOUTH. 

William James TREAGUST was born 12th February 1893 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. He was a Porter by trade when he joined the Royal Navy 20th September 1911. His papers reveal Great War Service on P52 until war’s end. His papers confirm that he was presented his L.S.G.C. 12th November 1926. The medals are swing mounted on a bar. The Victory has a verdigris mark at 1 O’Clock, see photos. He achieved Petty Officer Cook rank by 1927 and was still serving during WW2. He has numerous entries in the London Gazette, three of which are as follows.

Issue 24th June 1938 PP 4077 reporting from The Admiralty 20th June 1938 He is Wt Cook to Cd. Cook. / Issue August 1939 Commissioned Cook 1938 – WW2 Service and entitlement to medals. He would be entitled to a Defence Medal and War Medal. / Issue 9th May 1941 (pp2669), his entry confirms his position Commd. Cook W.J. TREAGUST to be Paymaster Lieutenant from 14th March 1941 / Issue 19th February 1943 (pp890), Paymr. Lt. W.J TREAGUST placed on Retd List 12th February 1943.

His total service extended from 1911 to 1943, a total of 32 years from Cooks Mate to Commissioned Officer. Research indicates that he ended WW2 as a Supply Lieutenant, July 1947 List confirms.

William James TREAGUST died whilst living at Havant, Hampshire, 10th September 1983.