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Gurkha Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal 2007


Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal

Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal

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RESERVED – please do not hesitate to contact me to register an interest should more of these rare medals become available. Contact Jonathan Godwin at ttandm4h@outlook.com

Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal named to PREM B LAMA, in fitted Royal Mint box of issue. A rare medal awarded between 2003-2013 to approximately 4,000 individuals, it could only be claimed for a short period.

The Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal was not awarded for service that also qualified for the Iraq military (campaign) Medal, although both medals could be awarded for different periods and types of service. Those eligible: Civilian Public Servants and those who hold the office of Constable, appointed by HMG to serve in Iraq with, or in support of, the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), British Office Baghdad (BOB) or British Embassy (including their Regional Offices). Civilian Public Servants deployed by HMG to work alongside coalition/multinational forces in Iraq. Members of the Armed Forces, working with or seconded to HMG Departments. Contractors and their employees directly employed by HMG on a full-time basis to work for, or in support of the CPA, BOB or British Embassy (including their Regional Offices), or to work alongside coalition/multinational forces in Iraq for HMG. Any Foreign and Commonwealth nationals who qualify under the above provisions. Locally employed civilians were not eligible for the medal.