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Alfred Henry Paget Vanity Fair Print 1875


Clerk Marshal to the Queen (Victoria)

Alfred Henry Paget

Alfred Henry Paget


Alfred Henry Paget Vanity Fair Print 1875

Original Lithograph of Major-General Lord Alfred Henry Paget with the caption at the bottom of the print: The Clerk Marshal

Paget was the sixth son of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey. He became a lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. In 1837 he was elected Member of Parliament for Lichfield and held the seat until 1865, when he was defeated by the Conservative Richard Dyott. Paget was Chief Equerry and Clerk Marshal to the Queen from July 1846 to March 1852, from December 1852 to March 1858, and from June 1859. The office ceased to be a political one from 1866. He was the Commodore of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, in 1853. On 1st August 1874, he resigned the Chief Equerryship only. He became a Lieutenant-Colonel (unattached) in 1854. He lived at 42 Grosvenor Place, London and at Melford Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk.

He died in 1888 unexpectedly, on his yacht off Inverness

Published: 03-Jul-1875 Signed by: APE, Carlo Pellegrini . Dimensions approximately 26cm x 38cm.

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