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2017 UK Proof Coin Collector Set


Royal Mint issue, in presentation box.

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2017 United Kingdom Proof Coin Set Royal Mint. Limited Collector Edition Presentation Set

Superbly presented in the The Royal Mint fine quality folding box set series COLLECTOR EDITION.

In 2017 the Royal Mint issued this Proof Coin Set Collector Edition which contains 13 coins containing the following:

The definitive circulation coins of 2017, from the one penny to the fifty pence, feature the shield of the Royal Arms ‘jigsaw puzzle’ by Matthew Dent. The circulation coins also include the £2 Technology Four Ages of Man design and the £1 shield.

The Commemorative coins are as follows –  £5 coin marks the 1000th anniversary of the coronation of King Canute, the Viking conqueror hailed the first ‘king of all England’. £5 coin marking the 100th anniversary of the creation of the House of Windsor. £2 coin marking the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen.  £2 coin paying tribute to the aviators of the First World War and their sacrifices in the race for supremacy of the skies. 50 pence piece commemorating the legacy of Sir Isaac Newton, genius of the Scientific Revolution and one of the most famous men ever to perform the role of Master of the Mint. 

The set is completed by The Royal Mint Medal, designed by Royal Mint coin designer Kerry Davies. Taking the form of an ingot, the medal celebrates the circulating coinage of the UK.

Includes a booklet which sheds light on the stories and legacies behind the five commemorative designs of the 2017 Annual Sets