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1st Dragoons 3 clasp Crimea Medal


Charge of the Heavy Brigade

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1st Dragoons Probable Heavy Brigade Charger 3 clasp Crimea medal with Turkish Crimea medal. 

The 1st Dragoons took part in the Charge of the Heavy Brigade on the 25 October 1854 and  1044 Private Terence Meehan is a Probable Charger on the day.

The musters show that Meehan was effective from the 1st October to 31st December. WO25/3267 – Records show he transferred to Military Train December 1856. In 1855 the Land Transport Corps was established as there were insufficient transport capabilities to move supplies between Balaklava harbour and the soldiers’ encampment. In 1856 the L.T.C. was organised as the military train. Reference – Forgotten Heroes, The Charge of the Heavy Brigade by Roy Dutton (pp. 61).

Medals – Crimea Medal with Balaklava, Inkerman and Sebastopol clasps officially impressed to T. MEEHAN. 1ST Rl. DRAGNS. with Turkish Crimea medal.

footnote – There is a Staff Sergeant T MEEHAN listed on a Memorial Plaque to be found in Bristol Cathedral. This tablet, see image, commemorates those of the “Second Battalion Military Train who during the rebellion in India, in the years 1857, 1858, 1859, while serving as Light Cavalry fell on the field of battle, died of their wounds or of sickness”.